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new shizzle

2009-07-31 07:44:15 by C-life

im buisy with 3 audio projects at the moment.
but i ran out of inspiration ^^'

i hope to be able to upload something soon.

ow yeah, ive added percussion to tranced contest, as tranced contest v2

omg lame name actually....
wel better luck next time eh?

audio file for contest

2009-05-31 07:20:40 by C-life

hi dudes and dudettes

ive aboarted the animation plan (boooooo >_<)
and uploaded a audio file
this is my very first attemp on making a 1 min song
and its for a contest with my best friend goldrage

so please check it out

its my only submission ^^'


2009-03-31 17:22:39 by C-life

yeah so
im not very productive so dont expect anything fom me soon....
besides im POWNED by the stuff i gotta do for school
but i am buisy with a (low quality) short movie and i hope to finish it not too long from now. but i never kno when im in the mood to animate :P